Siddham by Swartantra is a generic product designed to provide relief of an individual against major mental and physical illnesses. In today's world of running by the clock to finish our chores and on the verge of being a slave to the technology, our mind is always tensed and never at peace. Siddham comes with a nine set of audible vibrations that provide an advantage against stress, anxiety, metabolism issues, sleeping disorder, anger control, sexual disorder & negative mind set helping the person take a step forward to a healthier life.

The Eleven audible vibrations are:

Stress Remedy

Stress is not all bad for our body. It's our body's defense mechanism to an emergency. When we are stressed our body produces stress hormones, but they are supposed to be in our bloodstream only for a shorter period of time. But when a person is constantly tensed and stressed it's their in our body for a longer duration and that is what's harmful for the body in the long run.

It makes a person irritable, angry, depressed, weak, puts the metabolism at risk and the constant tightening of the muscle can also result in various body pains. The only way out of this is to bring the mind at peace.

That's why we recommend Stress Remedy by Siddham, a product by Swartantra. It helps to relieve stress.It's very simple yet powerful and relaxes your mind with a soothing audible vibration which calms you. All you have to do is listen.

Energy Burst

When we are constantly worried, overworked, sleep deprived, tensed or stressed because of the pace of the modern lifestyle. Our brain is never at peace. To add up to that, we have irregular sleeping parents and we are too lazy to make time to work out. We feed junk to our body and overwork it with caffeine. We are attacking ourselves in all possible directions and our mind is always overworked. As a result we don’t feel like getting out of bed, doing any physical activity, we are always tiered, not active and missing out on a lot of things in life.

What is actually very difficult to recognize is a very low energy drain. In such cases, one might not necessarily feel the classic signs of exhaustion like muscle aches or that feeling of being tiered all the time. But what one does experience is an increasing lack of get-up-and-go for many of the activities you used to like doing before this hit you.

If this is starting to sound familiar, take heart because people low on energy are all around us some very obvious and some obviously hidden. The good news, there is a solution to it.We need a positive outlook and something that revitalizes our body. That solution is Energy Burst by Siddham, a product of Swartantra.It revitalizes your mind and promotes positive mood. With this revival and audible vibration rise up and above. Recharge your spirit and your life.

Blissful Sleep

The glowing lights from smartphones, burning the night oil to study the day before an important meeting or an exam, youngsters who think sleeping is a waste of time and purposely depriving themselves of it for academic or entertainment purposes, that last cup of espresso that’s not getting you the shut eye or an pressing issue that’s making you tense and worried not letting you sleep and many other trappings of modern life reduce people's ability to get some descent hours of blissful sleep.

Although the occasional sleep interruptions are generally not much harmful, it puts one at risk when it becomes a pattern and can lead to severe problems like excessive daytime sleepiness, emotional difficulties, poor job performance, obesity and a lowered perception of quality of life. When an individual does not get enough sleep, he begins to experience symptoms of “sleep deprivation”.

These consistent sleep-wake patterns of going to bed late, frequent night-time arousals or waking up early can lead to accumulation of sleep debt, when a person fails to get your required amount of sufficient sleep. The only way out is to get more sleep.

But how do you get it when your brain is too anxious and working, not letting you be at peace.

There seems a solution to all your sleep problems in a product we came across – Blissful Sleep by Siddham a product of Swartantra.

It uses a unique combination of audible vibrations and modern science to provide you with a peaceful & deep restorative sleep. This auditory vibration will make your mind wander through the stars and give you the ideal peaceful sleep which you were seeking for. So, when the next time your alarm goes off you are not left feeling that soggy, sickly sensation of having slept all wrong. You will be energized, focused and looking forward to conquer the day. The wait is surely over.

Anger Control

Anger is neither good nor bad, it’s just like any other emotion wherein you are conveying a message – that the situation is a bit upsetting or unjust or threatening. It all starts with a the flushed face, gritted teeth and cold sweat breaking and someone or oneself is at the receiving end of it. It can come as a physical or verbal blow and can bring you at the mercy of this unpredictable and powerful nature. It is verylikely to damage your relationships, impair your judgment, get in the way of success, and have a negative impact on the way people see you. If you have a hot temper, you may feel like it’s out of your hands and there’s little you can do to tame the beast. It can take over your very life and result in depression, violence and suicidal feelings. Your kids, neighbors and coworkers can also be at risk from uncontrolled outbursts and erratic behavior.

Anger Control by Siddham helps control the anger issues a person is going through.

Ultimate Passion

The stress makes us low on energy, sluggish, depressed, loosing focus of what’s important, irritated and just angry with everything. For some it even gives a negative body image due to weight fluctuations, irritable behavior due to mood swings and to top it all our hormones are majorly imbalance making one not pleasant at all. It the biggest reason for a lot of relationship difficulties and majorly effects their sexual lives causing several sexual disorders in different people.

It’s important that the daily disruptions and worries to not affect your relationship with your partner and hence we recommend, Ultimate Passion by Siddham, a Product by Swartantra.It helps in rediscovering the joy of satisfying your partner. Allows you to take back the control with the ultimate instinctive audible vibration. Restore your sexual confidence and improve your relationship.

Think Positive

We start blaming the world for everything and are constantly irritated, angry or depressed. It effects our overall health, our relationships, our jobs, our academics and as a result of all that we are left more distressed. It leads to depression or even suicidal thoughts to end the suffering.

It’s said happiness only comes from within and for that it’s very important to have positive thoughts. But when a mind is that tensed, worried or sad there seems to be no ray of hope. Think Positive by Siddham helps you to stop dwelling on the constant negative thoughts and refocus your mind on something positive It replaces your negativity with clear and positive thoughts. Its audible vibrations will help you to reach ultimate positivity and bring peace to the aggrieved state of mind.

It replaces your negativity with clear and positive thoughts. These audible vibrations will help you to reach ultimate positivity. As you release the positivity the negativity automatically diminishes.

Skin Cell Booster

Studies have shown that a distressed, tensed, overworked or stressed mind can cause lot of skin problems. Like when you are very tensed, your body releases stress hormones including cortisol, which may increase the skin's oil production, making you prone to pimples. Excessive tension and anxiety can make your skin more prone to acne, eczema. It can even cause hair loss or white spots on the body. It can trigger up a lot of rashes or even blisters.

Studies also say that when the physical appearance is affected by a certain skin condition, the person might end up dealing with a lot of self-esteem issues and the social stigma that surrounds it. And, if the problem is left unaddressed for a long time, it can lead also lead to depression. So, it’s a vicious circle whose pattern needs to be broken.

Fighting skin disorders by Siddham helps to have a positive effect on the intensive regeneration of skin cells thus eliminating skin irregularities.

Focus Booster (Specially For Students)

It happens to all of us - fuzzy thinking, daydreaming, inability to concentrate, a slow mind, and the struggle to connect names with faces or recall schedules and phone numbers. Our mind is distracted on a gazillion things happening simultaneously. It does take a toll on our overall health. It makes our memory suffer, it makes us forget important things, it puts our metabolism at risk, makes us constantly anxious, tensed, worried, scared and mostly unhappy and much tiered. At the end of the day we are left with no energy as our mind is tiered of the constant work.

If you are looking of a way out, then we suggest you to meditate using Focus booster by Siddham helps to make your mind sharp and improve mental agility. The audible vibrations help you to increase your concentration power and make focus better in any given situation.

Improve Body Shape

In a chaotic state of mind the body goes through a hormonal imbalance leading to cravings, increased appetite or even a lack of appetite. Each of our body works differently depending what’s their response to this emotional state. So some people when too tensed, turn to food for comfort and mostly junk to feed their taste buds in order to feel good and not realizing they are harming their bodies by doing so. Some people due to all the tensions and constant worrying start skipping meals and lose their appetite. So the body’s weight suffers drastically by either excessive weight loss or gain and neither is healthy and proves to be very harmful in the long run.

Improve Body Shape by Siddham , a product by Swartantraharnesses the mind-body connection to help your body to heal. This audible vibration helps in increasing serenity and lowering the emotional distress that you are going through bringing you to a calm and relaxed state. When you are free of all the tensions of worries of the outside world, your inner self will be at peace letting you choose healthier options in life.

Blood Pressure

The fast paced modern life we live in, brings in lot of joys and has made our world an easy place to be in but along with it comes a demanding job, commitment to your personal and professional life, chores do be done on time, meetings to be attended, social life to be a part of, social media to be active on and then if magically time permits get some time just for yourself. When a person is under stress, that particular situation can cause your blood pressure to spike temporarily, but when these temporary situation start occurring quite often it causes an increase in long-term high blood pressure. Your body starts to produce an array of hormones when you're in a certain tricky situation. These hormones can temporarily increase your blood pressure by causing your heart to beat faster and your blood vessels to narrow. It can also cause a situation where the hormones produced when you're emotionally stressed may damage your arteries, leading to heart disease. It can also happen that being in a depressed state may cause self-destructive behavior, such as neglecting to take your medications to control high blood pressure or other heart conditions. Stress either physical or mental spikes your blood pressure levels way out of proportion. When a person is under stress your heartbeats increase and as a result your blood pressure is thrown out of the normal curve. It puts your body at various health issues mainly cardiac arrest or kidney failure to be the most dangerous ones.

Siddham by Swartantra uses its audible vibrations to bring the much needed peace to the agitated mind. Increases in blood pressure related to stress can be dramatic. But once the person is listening to the device, the tension disappears and your blood pressure starts to returns to normal.

We are all running in our day-to-day life’s to complete our work and jump to the next one to be done. The more work we get done, the more we pat ourselves for our efficiency. But there is just a very thin line between multi-tasking and getting work done and loosing yourself to it, that your emotions are being governed by it. That a little inefficiency can lead you send alarming signals to your brain. Your stress meter just starts running and you are also a victim of this modern lifestyle. For example it so happens that you have so much on your mind that you skip meals or if you are already diabetic you forget to take your medicines, that will affect your blood sugar level in a worse way. Life will always have challenges and setbacks, but you have the power to choose how you respond to it. Stress either physical or mental spikes your blood sugar levels way out of proportion. When a person is under stress you’re their blood sugar levels rise and the stress releases the hormone like epinephrine and cortisol and that’s has an adverse effect on the body which in turn accelerates your blood sugar levels to meet the challenge swinging the levels way out of control.

When blood sugar levels aren't controlled well through diet and/or medication, the body is at a much greater risk of many health related problems mainly blindness, kidney diseases, numbing of the nerve leading to numbing of the feet leading to serious injury and hard-to-heal infections. Siddham by Swartantra uses its audible vibrations to bring the much needed peace to a tensed mind. The audible vibrations help you to lower your stress levels and control your sugar levels in the blood to prevent any sort of nerve damage.


SIDDHAM is an audible vibration based MP3 player which when plugged in the ear starts acting on the pituitary gland and releases hormones that help fight the issue one faces, also it soothes the mind and soul for a happier and healthier being.

Anybody above 5 years age. Siddham is a generic product by Swartantra, designed to cure specific health conditions of individual . we currently have eleven set of vibrations which helps cure stress and anxiety , metabolism issues, sleep disorders , anger control , sexual disorders and Negative mind set .

SIDDHAM can be used anytime of the day whenever a person has time, they can just relax and plug in to the device to receive benefits.

Your item would be replaced only the condition that the product received was actually damaged. The product to be returned should be in its original packaging with all the bills and tags intact. A brand new product would be shipped to you in 7 working days from the day the damaged product is picked up by us.

One can call at our 24*7 customer care no. for any assistance and queries

SIDDHAM can be used any time of the day in a resting position by placing it in the ear and placing the eye mask to achieve a complete resting state in noise free area . After using the product it is advisable to switch off device while having the eye mask on and rest for some time to achieve the optimum result