How it works

Magical effects of sound therapy

Indian ancient literature has a mention of chants and sound therapy on multiple occasions to overcome serious illnesses. The “Pran”, “Tejas” and “Ojas”, in the body are the basic elements which control the “Vaat”, “Pitt” and “cuff”. To balance these energies, there is an essential requirement of sounds, waves and mental chants, which have been proved to be very effective. Nowadays many countries are researching in the field of sound healing therapy. The Tibetan Singing Bowl Session, which is also known as Sound & Vibration Healing Therapy is quite renowned therapy. The sound of singing bowls resonates and vibrates helping one to relax, meditate, sleep or any other benefit you might find from them. In Italy, studies are being carried out on the effects of Mozart Music and its effects on the mind. The sound healing technique is very effective on our mind waves and brain functions.

Due to sound waves, waves and mental chants, the brain creates pneumatic energy which are beneficial for the nerves, veins, arteries and hormonal secretion. These waves create energy with every breath we inhale or exhale.

This combination of generated energy and sound waves reenergise the destroyed cells and fibres and cures blockages and regular practice makes the patient healthy. It has been found beneficial for hypertension and other cardio-vascular diseases.

“Our physical health is dependent on both bodily and mental health. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Do you know that cosmic sounds generate energy and waves which can cure a dull mind?”

Fusion Of Science And Sound

Many countries have conducted full-fledged research studies on treatment and healing through chants and music. Mr Gibbs, director and sound engineer of Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness has done research of more than 15 years on effects of sound and music through mapping of brain. He also carried out an assessment of waves of different hertz and wavelengths on the brain, by studying Alpha, Beta, Gama and Theta waves on cases of insomnia, hypertension, loss of appetite and Parkinson disease.

During this research, the patients exhibited remarkable results. Due to this astounding result Dr Gibbs then did a joint research on sound healing with Lisa Mary Peter and Heather Taylor of San Francisco State University by studying the effects of chants, music and sound of conch shell on brain and attained remarkable and motivating results.

Using the unique blend of Vedic knowledge and modern technology, Swartantra aims to be a solution of multiple mental and physical illness by combining science, faith, and vibrations. The products can be used any time of the day and at a place whatever is suitable to you. Although for better results they are advised to be used in a resting position by placing it in the ear and placing the eye mask to achieve a complete resting state in noise free area. After using the product, it is advisable to close earlobes with earplug while having the eye mask on and rest for some time to achieve the optimum result. It uses an audible vibration based MP3 player which when plugged in the ear starts acting on the pituitary gland and makes you feel free of all the tensions of worries of the outside world, your inner self will be at peace letting you choose healthier options in life and leading to the healthy body. It relaxes your mind with a very soothing and healing audible vibration that brings you in a calm state of mind.

Daily listening of Swartantra will help you perceive things in a better manner and therefore making you a better judge of the decisions you make in your daily life. So go ahead and take control of your stress instead of letting stress control you. May the positive vibrations be with you.