Swartantra - a new-age innovative technology that uses audible vibrations which are an amazing blend of Vedic knowledge and modern technology. It aims to be a solution of multiple mental and physical illness by combining science, faith and vibrations.

Our senses are at work only with the magnetic vibrations that are present everywhere. Vibrations are of four varieties Alpha, beta, delta and Theta which effects our brain in different ways. This off beat technology uses these audible vibrations to heal you, taking you one step closer to your healthier and happier life.

Swartantra is a spiritual science’s most modern innovation till date. Our brain and our body are completely dependent on the energy of the universe. Our body’s seven wheels run on the universe’s energy and our body’s energy is also influenced by it. It is with the help of this energy that we go on to lead a happy and healthy life.

This energy enters our brain and then our body via an ultra-sonic sound vibration. There are frequencies about 86,000 different frequencies around us to which our brain acts as a transmitter and receiver and constantly keeps receiving this ultra-sonic vibrations which later enter the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland then further signals our senses as to release the specific kind of hormones in relation to what the person is experiencing at the moment. Be it being sad or happy or being low on energy or focused or unfocused or the person happens to be angry or calm all these experiences are dependent on these hormones itself that’s dependent on ultra-sonic sound vibration.

It’s said 80 percent of the diseases in our body are due to absence or wrong influence of this energy. All the diseases namely depression, frustration, BP, sugar, workload, weight issues, skin disorders, low energy level, looking older than the actual age, sexual disorders are not actual diseases but just hormonal disorder. They occur solely because our body’s wheels are not able to take the right energy from the universe. All our senses’ experiences like taste buds, sound, smell, touch or words are like our brain’s (conscious or unconscious) ultra-sonic vibration’s programing. And, whenever the programing is not able to take the right message from the universe is when we face all these hormonal disorders.

With our lives getting busier and our dependency on technology increasing it's just getting equally harder for one to make time for meditation or yoga or any physical activity of any sorts. And that is exactly what's taking a toll on our bodies, giving rise to stress and a million diseases taking birth from it, our lives are at a constant risk and we are just one step away from a mental breakdown. Want to break free?

Daily listening of Swartantra will help you perceive things in a better manner and therefore making you a better judge of the decisions you make in your daily life. So go ahead and take control of your stress instead of letting stress control you. May the positive vibrations be with you.

Swartantra is a part of Swartantra India PVT LTD, a company formed under Companies Act 1956, head quartered in Noida with a branch in Mumbai.

How is Swartantra helping people by bringing a change in their lifestyles

  • Swartantra has sold out more than 75,000 products since September 2016 in the meantime and we have been receiving great reviews about it.
  • More than 92% people have benefited from Stress Remedy helping them to lead a stress free life.
  • More than 87% people have benefited from Energy Burst helping them to have more energy in anything they do by revitalizes your mind.
  • More than 83% people have benefited from Blissful Sleep helping them to attain the deep peaceful and refreshing sleep.
  • More than 94% people have benefited from Anger Control helping them to help them to tame their anger and reach the tranquility
  • More than 85% people have benefited from Ultimate Passion helping them to rediscover the joy of satisfying your partner and eliminate intimacy issues.
  • More than 96% people have benefited from Think Positive helping them to replaces their negativity with clear and positive thoughts.
  • More than 88% people have benefited from Skin Cell Booster helping them for the intensive regeneration of skin cells.
  • More than 79% students have benefited from Focus Booster helping them to increase their concentration power and excel in their academic life.
  • More than 82% people have benefited from Improve Body Shape by helping them you to lower their stress levels and bringing them in a calm and serene state of mind which will help you to not develop any unhealthy eating habit.
  • More than 81% people have benefited from Relieve Blood Pressure helping them to lower their stress levels and thus manage their blood sugar levels.
  • More than 90% people have benefited from Relieve Diabetes helping them to lower your stress levels and control your sugar levels in the blood to prevent any sort of nerve damage.


Moksha is our custom made device that works differently on different individuals. It has benefited 96% individuals by reducing their anxiety levels and risk of depression. A lot of people have been reported to say it helps in improving their interpersonal relationships and also brings an agitated mind at peace. It’s been also reported to reduce the risk of cardiac arrest, blood pressure and diabetes for many and helps you be in control your emotional response. In all it makes one a better decision maker in times of crises and be in the healthiest mental state.

Reason behind it:

Basically stress is not all bad. When the person is under stress our body releases stress hormones which is just our body’s defence mechanism to make us react quickly. This helps a person to deal with a difficult situation.

The problem arises when a person is stressed quite too often and the hormones which are supposed to be in our blood stream for a shorter duration of time stay for more than it should. This is what puts the person’s body under serious physical and mental health risks.

Via Swartantra we aim to create a better and healthier tomorrow for people from all walks of life. Our mission is to create a stress free life where no one is a slave to any mental or physical illness.


ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः ।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् ।।

  • Happiness be unto all.
  • Happiness be unto all.
  • May all see what is good.
  • May all we free from suffering.

Man Behind It

"It’s not only about leading a healthy life it’s always about living a joyous healthy life ".

Samir Pandit is a philanthropist, motivational speaker and spiritual scientist. His vision is create a stress free world where everyone is healthy and happy. His research dates to the most ancient times where these vibrations come from, where lord Shiva meditated and gave roots to the most mesmerizing world we live in.

He hails from a well-reputed Brahmin family where his Maternal grandfather was a " Spiritual Tantrik " who helped people in their desperate times when nothing could come to their aid, helped them get through their problems and live their lives in a healthier way again .

This was the time when his where his passion and spirituality grew and he started meditating for hours and learning under the guidance of his grandfather. It was then when he came in contact with many other spiritual people who used to follow his grandfather and being an enthusiast he never missed a chance to learn from them. It was here that he took the decision of taking his research to a deeper level and started reading deeper and came across the idea that sound moves in waves and this very research goes back to about 240 B.C. The Greek philosopher Chrysippus (c. 240 B.C.), the Roman architect and engineer Vetruvius (c. 25 B.C.), and the Roman philosopher Boethius (A.D. 480-524) each theorized that sound movement might take a waveform. After his research on various scriptures, he realized that Lord Krishna, and many more spiritual gurus were making an effort to improve the quality of human life and had found vibrations that suited and connected them to the ultimate energy this is where he started his journey to find Swartantra, with the blend of ancient Vedic and modern technology . And finally, after a lot of research and efforts of many technical, non-technical and spiritual people as a team he developed a spiritual technology which would find a vibration for each human being differently that would make their life joyful, peaceful and healthy in all aspects.

“Because being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or trend, instead it’s a lifestyle. "